AAMI Insurance

AAMI Insurance is one of Australia's leading insurance companies. Since its establishment in 1970, AAMI today has more than 2.5 million policyholders. The company traces its roots from a company called Club Motor Insurance Agency, or simply known as Club Motor. The insurer was established in 1933 as a motor vehicle insurance provider for members of the Royal automotive Clubs in Victoria, Queensland, and Tasmania. Club Motor's tie-ups with the three RACs continued until 1969, when the RACV and RACQ decided to become insurers themselves. To avoid customer confusion, Club Motor's shareholders decided to stop using the Club Motor name and adapted the name Australian Associated Motor Insurers Limited, known as AAMI Insurance. Eventually, AAMI Insurance emerged as an alternative to government-owned and motor club-owned insurers.

From Victoria, Tasmania, and Queensland, AAMI Insurance branched out into South Australia in 1978 and into New South Wales in 1983. AAMI Insurance diversified its business in 1989 after nearly 20 years of providing solely car insurance. AAMI Insurance launched into the home insurance market in 1989, when it also branched into the New South Wales CTP market. Four years later, AAMI Insurance entered the Queensland CTP market.

AAMI Insurance currently offers car, home, compulsory third party (CTP) and small business insurance to its customers.

As one of the pioneers in providing car insurance, AAMI Insurance provides comprehensive car insurance, which cover for damage to a policyholder's own vehicle as well as damage that the policyholder's car may cause to another person's vehicle or property. AAMI Insurance also provides caravan for protection from caravan tow, or cover for a weekend or holiday caravan kept permanently onsite.

As a provider of compulsory third party (CTP) insurance, AAMI Insurance protects vehicle owners and drivers who are legally liable for personal injury to any other party in the event of a personal injury claim made against them by other road users.

For home insurance, AAMI Insurance provides building insurance with complete replacement cover, contents insurance for the most common types of loss or damage that may occur to the contents in your home, renter's insurance/fire & theft contents insurance, and landlord insurance. Lastly, AAMI Insurance provides interested businesses with small business or home business insurance policies.