Budget Direct Insurance

A part of an international group of companies servicing an estimated 3 million policies around the world, Budget Direct Insurance is one of the more progressive insurance companies in Australia. Budget Direct Insurance issues around 4,500 vehicle insurance policies every week in Australia.

Budget Direct Insurance believes that skilled drivers do not have to pay expensive premiums to subsidise drivers who are considered "high risk". Budget Direct Insurance boasts of having a more comprehensive underwriting compared with other insurers in Australia. Budget Direct Insurance does not elect to insure "high risk" drivers. This allows Budget Direct Insurance to keep a low risk profile and, in turn, provide very competitive insurance rates for skilled drivers.

Budget Direct Insurance has affiliate companies which began its foray into the insurance industry in the 1980s. It has since grown into an innovator in the field of personal insurance. The mother firm is also the biggest vehicle insurer in various parts of Africa, particularly in South Africa. In 1999 the group expanded its operations to include Australia, and A&G Insurance Services Pty Ltd was established to handle insurance for a variety of market segments.

Products and services of Budget Direct Insurance

Budget Direct Insurance is known for offering comprehensive car insurance policies that provide a wide range of benefits for vehicle owners such as a 3-week money back guarantee, low car insurance premiums, competitive standard features, options for monthly or annual repayments and freedom to select car repairer.

While Budget Direct Insurance is popular for offering some of the best deals in car insurance policies, this firm also is gaining ground in its other services such as its travel insurance and home and contents insurance.

Particularly, Budget Direct Insurance is noted for offering great benefits and rewards on its home and contents insurance program such as a wider range of insured incidents like theft, fire, rainwater and storm; automatic adjustment of sum insurance at renewal of the policy; and legal liability cover. The home and contents insurance program of Budget Direct Insurance also provides additional benefits such as automatic protection for the removal of debris as well as provisional accommodations in case the home is not fit for habitation.