RACQ Insurance

For most people security is an irreplaceable necessity. With this necessity people search for things that can provide them security in whatever they like to value. Those in the insurance industry have seen this fast-growing trend and are now eager to provide people the security they are looking for.

RACQ Insurance is just one of the many insurance companies that provide people security for the things they value the most. RACQ Insurance started in the year 1971. RACQ Insurance is a joint venture between the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland and the GIO Insurance Investment Holdings both equally owns half of the company. RACQ Insurance is the leading car insurance provider in Queensland and the second major provider of home insurance. RACQ Insurance provides cover to over 1.4 million policy holders throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales.

RACQ Insurance offers services for motor vehicles, homes, compulsory third party (CTP) and pleasure craft insurance. RACQ Insurance even has insurance for your animal friends. These services by the RACQ Insurance are backed up by their fast claims.

RACQ Insurance for motor vehicles provides coverage for unique vehicles, veteran and vintage vehicles, caravans and trailers and also for motorcycles. RACQ Insurance for motor vehicles also includes comprehensive insurance coverage, fire, theft and third party liability and compulsory third party coverage. The RACQ Insurance for homes on the other hand provides services for building and contents insurance. RACQ Insurance also lets you secure the safety and health of your pets by providing them coverage for veterinary fees when your pet suffers from an injury or an illness.

RACQ Insurance also offers a payment scheme that lets you cut your annual insurance premium into a monthly payment scheme. It works by arranging your bank, credit union or building society to debit an automatic payment from your account each month. All you need to do is ensure you have enough money in your account to cover payments.