Tower Australia Insurance

Tower Australia Insurance provides innovative and competitive solutions for risk, life insurance, retirement and superannuation. The company aims to deliver appropriate products, information and services to its clients and allow them to make the right decisions on their superannuation and risk requirements. Tower Australia Insurance delivers these services in an efficient and professional way through the help of its large network of capable advisors. Tower Australia Insurance is focused on being an effective provider of products related to risk and superannuation.

History of Tower Australia Insurance

Tower Australia Insurance traces its roots to the Government Life established in New Zealand in 1869, of which the initial capital was initiated by the government of New Zealand. In 1990, Government Life changed its name to Tower before entering the life insurance business in the same year in Australia.

In 2006, Tower Australia Insurance broke off from Tower Limited. The separation enabled both firms to focus on their specific strategies that paved the way for their tremendous growth.

Products and services of Tower Australia Insurance

Tower Australia Insurance safeguards the future interests of its customers with its various services such as personal insurance, income insurance, crisis insurance and funeral plan insurance. Life insurance provides a cash payment for customers who died or diagnosed with certain illnesses. Crisis insurance, meanwhile, protect the customers against injuries and illnesses. Tower Australia Insurance also provides income insurance for those who were disabled due to sickness or accident. Tower Australia Insurance likewise gives funeral plan insurance to its customers.

On the other hand, Tower Australia Insurance offers a comprehensive saving solution with its ARC Mastertrust that includes the ARC Personal Plan and ARC Corporate Plan. The ARC Personal Plan provides flexible terms to meet the requirements of individuals wanting to control their superannuation. Tower Australia Insurance's ARC Corporate plan gives employers with an adequate solution for their superannuation obligations.